DIVINE MERCY SHRINE, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental

    The Divine Mercy is a Catholic devotion to the merciful love of God and the desire to let the love and mercy flow through one's own heart towards those in need.

   Years ago, I went to this beautiful place, the DIVINE MERCY SHRINE located in Divine Mercy Hills, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. I saw this 50-feet statue of the Divine Mercy. This place serves as a pilgrimage site for Divine Mercy devotees. I was so amazed when I first saw it, I've never seen such a huge and a tall statue in my entire life. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to reach at the top of the statue because I'm running out of time. I want to climb on top of it hopefully on my next visit.

     The place was amazing, aside from the tall Divine Mercy statue, in front of it is a nice garden which adds the beauty of the place. The landscape is impressive. The surrounding is very clean.

     Wearing shorts, sleeveless,short skirts, and other skimpy clothings are not allowed since this place is considered holy. Those visitors arrived wearing the said clothing will be given a piece of cloth to cover the exposed skin. So, others prefer  to wear pants instead.

     I just hope i can go back to that place again. I was comforted by just one look of the Divine Mercy statue. I feel like Jesus is looking back at me, telling me, " em it's gonna be alright", " I am always here for you no matter what".


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